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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  January 25, 2013 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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coach fired and students expelled. and a new shirt rolls off of the press. buyer be aware for super bowl souvenirs good evening,. it is friday january 27th. this is bay area news at 7:00. a police officer has been shot and wounded. late word tonight two suspects are in custody. officials tell us that the shooting happened at 5:45 p.m. at east 12th street and 49th avenue. the officer, in uniform, was taken to the hospital with a nonlife threatening injury and said to be in stable condition. this is the second such incident this week. on monday night an oakland officer was shot in the arm at seminary and 17th. a hazing scandal at a bay
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area high school cost the head football coach his job and five students at that school have been expelled. we are live now with what we have learned about the hazing and the punishment, john? >> reporter: gasia, football season has been over for two months now but today the head football coach was fired and five players expelled for what happened off of the field. as classes let out today, students flooded the parking lot to catch a ride home. the school announced that the head football coach was fired because five of his players harassed six younger players in the locker room with their uncovered genitles. >> it is disturbing, you know. it we know it goes on but we are glad it reached out to a lot of people. >> reporter: school officials would share few details but confirmed it is a pattern of behavior that continued throughout last season. >> they were expelled because the school has a strict policy about hazing and about abusive
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behavior and they violated it. one advantage of being a private school. they violated the rules and they are out. >> reporter: parents say they were punished too severely. >> there is no accountability at the school. it is the administration that should be thrown out not kids, this is their future. they are good kids just making silly decisions. >> reporter: this is when he worked in the saratoga schools. he is a former police officer who played college football and started as coach and teacher here last august. >> somebody should be response imfor the students. they -- responsible for the students. they were there to supervise the students but they were so for that it was lack of super vision. >> he has been taken off of the coaching roster today. back to you. now, to morgan hill where a 14-year-old student faces a juvenile hearing for allegedly
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bullying two classmates. the authorities say the two 13- year-old boys at britain middle school were pressured by a class mate to smoke marijuana. the younger boys say they were verbally and physically attacked and threatening messages put on facebook and twitter. they cited the 14-year-old for battery, making harassing phone calls and disturbing police. parents are on alert after the police say a man tried to lure students in a car. a 5th grade boy was approached. the man claimed he was sent to pick up the child. the student said i don't know you and walked away. the man was in a light blue 1970s car on long view drive. he is described as white and gray hair and a beard. now for our continuing coverage of a major scare that led to a lockdown today but turned out to be a hoax. a student told an administrator that he saw a man with a gun on the athletic field.
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that school and two others went into lockdown as dozens of officers conducted a search. two hours later the student admitted to making the whole thing up. >> called officers to fill in. we canceled a fire training day. >> the police say they will recommend charges against the student. meantime the parents tell us they were happy with the district's quick response. quiet neighborhood quickly turned chaotic today when a sheriff's deputy opened fire on a man with a knife. the authorities say the incidentes co lated in a hurry. >> reporter: two minutes. that is how long it took a domestic emergency on fredericks lane for an officer- involved shooting. >> i heard the pop, pop, pop. i thought, that sounds like gun shots. >> and i saw him aiming and taking the shot. it happened so quick i ran back into the house. >> at nine time time 27 a
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deputy responded to a call for help at this home. the man -- at 9:27 a deputy responded to a call for help at this home. >> the man charged at him with a rambo-style knife. about 12 inches long. the deputy fired, instruct the suspect. >> reporter: the county sheriff mobile command moved into the quiet neighborhood and investigated a base camp. calls for mentally troubled are the most unpredictable. this one had both with a 12" knife. >> he in his own self-defense is going to pull his firearm and fire. that is what he did. >> reporter: one said seeing crime scene tape on his street is shocking but the father has been trying to help a troubled son. >> it is sad that it had to come down to this. >> reporter: until today calls for the home were minor issues. the deputy involved is an 8- year veteran of the sheriff's department. the suspect he shot is expected
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to survive. noelle walker, ktvu2 news. an update for you on our developing news in oakland where a police officer has been shot. these pictures just came into our news room in the past few minutes from the scene at 49th avenue and east 12th street. the shooting happened at 5:45 p.m. you can see it is still an active scene. we are hearing the officer was in uniform and he may have been shot in the leg. the officer was taken to the hospital in stable condition. two suspects are in custody. we have a crew at the scene. we will bring you more information as we learn it. an oakland teenager who admitted to killing his adoptive parents has been sentenced to 25 years in prison. he killed them one year ago tomorrow. the boy was 15 at the time. he told the police he was suspended from school for smoking marijuana and did not want to deal with his parents being upset with him. there is a new development tonight involving a sexual allegation against 49er wide
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receiver michael crabtree. sanfrancisco's da announced tonight his office will not file charges. he said his decision follows an investigation by the special victims unit and their review of the evidence. a woman a cruised crabtree of assaulting her after a party at a hotel. 49erss coach harbaugh says he wants his players to enjoy every minute as the team gears up to play the big game in the big easy. >> that is the most exciting thing to look forward to. playing the game. the ball kicked off. and, and working together, fighting together, playing together. for a chance to win a championship. >> the team is scheduled to leave new new on sunday. while he is encouraging players to have fun he says they will be on a schedule the week before the game. >> a thrill of a lifetime, once- in-a-lifetime go to new orleans for the 49ers win.
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>> lucky, lucky. some of the faithful were rewarded. season ticket holders picked up their super bowl tick itets. each -- tickets. each ticket cost dollars 850. he and his wife were so certain the 9ers would make it to new orleans they made airplane, hotel and car reservations last september. >> just about anything with collin's name on is it selling fast these days. >> he is just becoming a rock star. good for business for us. >> reporter: thousands of the brand-new against all odds shirts were printed today. on them are nfl player stickers showing they are the real deal. >> they are nfl sticker on it. that says, boom, because those stickers are numbered and whatever else and we have to account for them. >> but there are are plenty of knock offs, the vendors took off when we started asking questions.
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>> why not. is this not legitimate merchandise? >> reporter: one of the tell tell signs is the label would have been slit. poor quality graphics or a cheap price tag. and officially licensed products will carry an nfl hologram or a tag or sticker from the player's association. >> i try to get the official licensed product. i don't like to buy knock offs. >> reporter: the nfl confirms they have inspectors here and in baltimore and new orleans looking out for unlicensed items. police officers also tell us they cited several vendors today who were breaking the rules. in san francisco, back to you. for superstitious fans the jerseys and hats are constant companions during the game. >> for commercial i have to have the hat faces forward if they are good. not good, back, the second they near the lead, the hat goes forward. >> other fans refuse to wash
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their jerseys for the season. some might light a prayer candle. over in the ohio the owners of home made ice cream are sending their ice cream to new orleans as a good luck charm. they won twice now after enjoying the frozen treats. stay here for your super bowl coverage. we will be reporting from new orleans starting this suspend. and has a section devoted to the big game including a slide show of niner fans showing off their pride. look for the tab right at the top of our home page. a federal judge this afternoon heard arguments regarding the fate of oyster company but did not make a decision. it they waited outside of the courthouse. the federal government evicted them from the long time home at the point rays seashore back in november. they want the area returned to the natural wilderness state. the owner sued challenging the eviction. the judge decided to take the
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issue under advisement. the new chief of police says a new project is moving forward. the chief says that the department is contracted a vendor and waiting for an estimate. the crew spent the day talking to residents and could not find one opinion who rejected to the idea of being recorded. the police department says the city cameras solved one burglary case in the past two years they have been operational. >> a good man, good paramedic, goodfellow. new information boy brian stow. a set back in his rehabilitation. the steps parents can take to raise their children's iq. i'm back here in just 10 minutes. the weekend is here. showers in the forecast. we will lay out what you can expect. what days will be the driest. see you back here
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passenger caught these images of lightning striking the jet. you can see sparks firing. and then the plane goes down. the pilot was able to activate a fire extinguisher in the engineer and the plane landed safely early this morning. none of the 114 people on board was hurt. the center for disease control says flu activity is on the rise. there is still vaccine available but it can be hard to find. the weekly report says hospitalizations spiked among the elderly. 8 more children have died from the flu nationwide. bringing the total among children this season to 37. a troubling update tonight on brian stowe. the brian's fan beaten up at
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giants stadium. >> reporter: brian's family put out jarring news he is being treated for a serious blood clot. he suffered severe head injuries after being beaten by two men at dodger's stadium on opening day of the 2011 season. he is now back in a bakersfield hospital and treated for a blood clot that runs from his thigh to pelvis and says the doctor was surprised the clot did not kill him. >> obviously the last couple of weeks have been stressful for him and the family. we just hope that his health continues to improve. >> reporter: friends and former coworkers say they are also hopeful. >> it makes me really sad to hear that. you know, he is strong, he has an amazing support. and i think he will pull through. >> reporter: some of the support will be evidence on stage. giants coach will headline shows tonight in mill valley, saturday in napa, and santa cruz on sunday. >> a good man, a good
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paramedic, goodfellow employee to have here running calls with us. we miss him. just having the family, and having those updates and fundraisers goes to show you how much he meant to us in the community. >> these setbacks add more pressure to the family. when people are there to support you it really does make a difference. that support will continue. several members from his group says they planned more fundraisers for later this year. in san jose, robert honda, k it tvu news. the vice president led a round table on connecticut troll t. included hometown security secretary kathleen sabi hreurbgs io surbgs. much of the meeting focused on mental illness reform. it should have requirements that medical records of those dechaired inellible to hold a gun should be transmitted to a data base for background
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checks. federal appeals court found barack obama's recess were unconstitutional. the senate was technically in session just after the new year in 2012. the white house argues the session was a sham meant to block the appointment and they were out of town for 20 days. the president named his long time advisory as chief of staff. the preside said the 43-year- old played a role in every nation of his press tensey. the out going chief of staff has been nominated for treasure secretary. new research suggests boosting iq of a child. children with fish oil in their diet are enrolled in preschool and have parents that engage in interactive reading are more than likely to have a higher iq. it can help brain development. >> growth of connections among
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brain cells, and growth of brain cells themselves. >> the study found while preschool is important starting a child early did not show any add benefit to the iq. well, stocks ended on a winning note sending the indexes to levels not seen in some time. solid earnings from proctor and gamble pushed the dow 70 points higher. nasdaq gained 19. the s&p500 longest winning streak since 2004. the index closed this day at over 1500 marking the highest close since december 2007. apple's earning woes cost the title of the world's most valuable company. today, they resumed the top 5. they have fallen as shares slumped to the report on wednesday. the company indicated that the run away growth is likely to slow in the coming quarter. san francisco city attorney
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is accusing more than 50 restaurants of collecting a health care search charge and pocketing the money. he would not tell us which restaurants are involved. he says they failed to distribute as much as $5 million. it is required by the city and intended to pay for health coverage. he is offering a 90 day amnesty. >> assures taxpayers that our safety net will not be abused to subsidize businesses that break the rules. >> the golden gate restoration claims most of the cases are accounting errors. building the coliseum city on 1,000 acres are moving forward. told,. officials with the city of oakland approved the study of the development. today, it including the state of the art football -- it included the state of the art
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of football. now, setting the record at the home track, golden gate field. now, riding the philly, rich in nyc setting the record in albany this afternoon. blaze is the winningest jockey in north america with 11,000 victories, heed today he is having a blast and it is no intention of retiring from the sport at the age of 54. 49er fans are making their feelings known. a man showing his support is getting the attention of passing drivers. the weekend is here. our chief meteorologist bill martin is here in just three minutes to let us know if it will be hot or cold, wet or dry. if you are on the go, you can watch our newscast on your smart phone. you can't move the tv there.
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caltrans says repairs to the bay bridge are on the fast track. they got a look at all of the work being done. almost all of the damaged parts have been removed. crews say this part of the bridge tower remains vulnerable until the repair job is completed and that should take about 4 1/2 months. we have is our chief meteorologist bill martin here with us. all through the news at 5:00
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and 6:00, he said do not change your weekend plans. >> yes. you will see sprinkles in the forecast, i will show them. but it is not significant or should not be significant and it should not be enough to bust your plans whatever you got going. take a look. we have a couple of systems. here is system 1. gone. it was a pain, lingered around, showers this morning and midmorning. this system, a different one coming down from the north. a cooler one. you can already see the back, see the frontite there. that is the back edge of the cool one coming in. this will get in here tonight. tomorrow, scattered showers in the bay area forecast. when you come in close, have not had reports of precipitation on the ground. i am getting radar returns. indicating the atmosphere is moist. but, again, that is not a big deal. i suspect this is the kind of stuff, small, that we are going to see around tomorrow and maybe a little on sunday as well. the biggest impact, the main impact from the weather system
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that the last one is milder overnight lows. it was cold. remember when we had the dry period for of a couple of weeks. this system comes n clouds us up tonight, the main impact from this system, be sides sprinkles, the cool air comes in so the day time highs were mild. you noticed it. 60s, upper 60s, tomorrow's highs are going to go down 8-10 degrees, easy. instead of middle 60s, middle 50s upper 50s. here is the forecast for tomorrow morning. that is your day. partly cloudy, valley fog when you get up. tomorrow afternoon, mostly sunny, partly sunny. maybe a sprinkle. >> this is the latest model it is keeping everything around us but not on us. then, sunday evening you can see the system closer. right now you are good. clouds, maybe a sprinkle. bay area weekend or as we get
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into tonight's broadcast i will have a more updated computer model. i will run it through 10:00. the five-day forecast coming up here, the bay area weekend in view. cool as i mentioned. looking at the 5-day, well, temperatures on the mild side. a little bit of shower active oáeut saturday and sunday. not enough to shut you down. >> okay, bill, see you at 10:00. one fan wants everyone to know his allegiance. he lives in pacifica. he is flying his 49erss flag and put up a banner saying who's got it better than us? a familiar sight for many. he has been putting up nags and banners for 25 years now. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we will see you the next time news breaks. tonight, we will follow the developing news in oakland that we told you about in this newscast. a police officer has been shot. keep in mind we are always here
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for you at "tmz" is up next right here on tv36
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